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Managing Signatures in the Inbox as a repeat.

Question asked by srichards@HNRG.COM_HFMNZ on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by srichards@HNRG.COM_HFMNZ



I have come up with what I think is a way to manage adding a signature to a survey once the survey has been submitted and retrieved through the Inbox.

The Survey is set up to work against a submission_url to a feature class and related tables hosted in our SQl Database.


I have put the signature inside a repeat and will use a function to make it visible at the right time - I am using a Yes/No select_one at the moment.


This is working but of course the user is free to add as many signatures as they like, I really only want one.


The solution I think is to put 1 in the repeat_count parameter, however when I publish the survey I am getting "The custom feature service submission_url is not compatible with this survey (Fields not found in the feature service: 1)"

If I remove the 1 from the repeat_count then it publishes fine, I just potentially end up with multiple signatures


Q1/ Am I on the right track?

Q2/ Is this a bug?


I may be able to implement using a count to make the repeat 'disappear' after one signature is entered but this feels like a work around.



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