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arcpy.Append_management: ERROR 000187: Only supports Geodatabase tables and feature classes

Question asked by jsn on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by mmolter_bouldercounty

Hello everyone,


I am getting the following error message when running in Python an append -arcpy.Append_management- between a table in SDE and a table from a SQL database.


This append  works fine in Model Builder.


# Process: Truncate Table



# Process: Append

arcpy.Append_management("'Database Connections\\Consumption Production.sde\\Consumption.SQLDatabaseTable'", sde_Table__2_, "NO_TEST", "PREMID \"PREM_ID\" true true false 10 Text 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\Consumption Production.sde\\Consumption.SQLDatabaseTable,PREMID,-1,-1;TOTALGALSEW \"TOTAL_GALLONS_WATER\" true true false 8 Double 2 18 ,First,#,Database Connections\\Consumption Production.sde\\Consumption.SQLDatabaseTable,TotalGallonsWater,-1,-1;GPD \"GALLON_PER_DAY\" true true false 8 Double 2 18 ,First,#,Database Connections\\Consumption Production.sde\\Consumption.SQLDatabaseTable,GPD,-1,-1", "")