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Human Geography Basemap Bug

Question asked by dcoley on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by dcoley

Hello - something has recently happened to the Human Geography Basemap just after the September ArcGIS Online update:  it will not display it's reference layers in a webmap when the number of 10.6.1 Enterprise hosted feature polygon layers exceeds a certain number - 15 in my case. 


I am experiencing 2 error types. 


The first occurs in my webmap when the polygon layer count exceeds a certain number as I mentioned.  Not only does the basemap not draw reference layers, the enterprise webmap will not allow me to select the Human Geography Base as a basemap -it throws an error and bounces to a new 'My Map' map, where it continues not to draw.


The second occurs in my WAB 2.8 Developer edition deployed application's basemap widget: The Human Geography Basemap will not display either the base, the reference, layer or the label layer when switching to the basemap.  See for yourself here:


Planning Data Explorer


Like everyone else, I deploy the Human Geography basemap by making a copy of it from Living Atlas and storing it in my AGOL custom basemap group.  That of course makes the basemap available to all who want to use it in my org. 


The only difference is that my custom AGOL basemap group participates in a send and receive collaboration with my enterprise portal.  As I said, this just started happening.  Kelly Gerrow or Andrew Skinner if you have any ideas I would love to hear them because I cannot figure this out.  


The basemap/webmap does continue to behave in enterprise webmaps with limited numbers of hosted poly feature layers, like in this wab:


Flood Zone Locator