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Story Map attribution field?

Question asked by miamass_gis on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by miamass_gis

I'm just starting to explore Story Maps.  I would like some information on the Story Map "Seven Wonder: The Ancient World" located at Seven Wonders: The Ancient List .  There's also the Seven Wonders: the New List at Seven Wonders: The New List  which I discovered only by following a link at the bottom of the text describing the 7th wonder.   


Q1: When I'm viewing the story map is there a creator attribution field where I can see who created it in order to give appropriate credit?   I think these were both created by the Esri Story Map Team, but I don't see that anywhere.  How can I determine that information?


Q2: Also, were these two story maps created using one of the Story Map templates, and if so, which template?  I scrolled through the gallery of examples to find an example like it, but don't see anything quite like it with 2 fixed panels on the left-hand side, where the lower panel can be clicked forward and back < > to proceed in sequence. Which template should be used to produce that effect?