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Selection Draws Very Slowly in Registered View

Question asked by MDFancher1 on Oct 24, 2018
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I'm getting very slow drawing performance when I select a set of features from a view registered in my geodatabase. The view is relatively simple. It has no joins or anything. It's just a subset of fields from its source feature class. The actual selection of features proceeds very quickly (by attribute or by location). The slow performance occurs when I turn the layer "on" and the selection set has to draw. Making comparable selections from the view's source feature class draws quite quickly. Also, the view draws fairly quickly without any feature selected.


Here are a few details:


-selection is performed in ArcMap 10.6.1

-the view was created in a 10.3.1 Oracle ( enterprise geodatabase

-the source feature class is polygonal with ~750,000 features and uses ST_GEOMETRY storage

-the view was created in SQL Developer

-the view was registered with the geodatabase using ArcCatalog 10.6.1


Any ideas?