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How to modify Conversion Options in the Coordinate Conversion Widget?

Question asked by rhughes522 on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by janupriya
const ccWidget = new CoordinateConversion({
view: this.view,
container: element
const filt_formats = ccWidget.viewModel.formats.filter((format) => {
if (["basemap", "dms"].indexOf( === -1) {
return true;
} else {
return false;
filt_formats.forEach((format) => {

In the above code I am trying to limit the conversion options in the Coordinate Conversion widget.  The formats are limited, and the conversions when the widget loads is a Collection of 1.  The issues is that the <Select> element in the widget still contains all of the original format options.  Updating the viewModel should trigger the Widget to render() so I have tried updating that as well, and I am calling render() to be sure. 


The error I get in the browser states, "Uncaught Error: select had a option child removed, but there is now more than one. You must add unique key properties to make them distinguishable."  


<select aria-controls="ccNode__list-item-0" aria-label="Select format" class="esri-select esri-coordinate-conversion__select-row" title="Select format"><option aria-label="xy" title="xy">XY</option><option aria-label="basemap" value="basemap">BASEMAP</option><option aria-label="dms" value="dms">DMS</option><option aria-label="dms" value="dms">DMS</option><option aria-label="mgrs" value="mgrs">MGRS</option><option aria-label="usng" value="usng">USNG</option><option aria-label="utm" value="utm">UTM</option></select>


I don't think I should modify the domNode, but the widget render() should update it.  What am I missing here?