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Survey123 and Collector Integration for offline field application

Question asked by hashimotoy on Oct 23, 2018
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***UPDATE January 24, 2019 ***

v3.3 BETA version just released has support for Polylines and Polygons so there is no need to integrate the two to capture these geometry types!



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I, like many others documented in the list above, would like to leverage the smart form functionality of Survey123 with the map-centric user interface of Collector. The xlsform question types geotrace (lines) and geoshape (polygons) have not yet been implemented in Survey123 (although presumably planned and a very popular idea) and continues to be limited to geopoint (point features), so until then...

From what I gather, one recommended approach to enable the desired functionality is to work with existing feature services.


QUESTION: But before I go too far down a rabbit hole can folks comment or provide guidance on my planned approach and answer some questions?


Field app project description:

My survey is for an Infrastructure Inventory of Protected Areas to capture point features such as signage and more complex infrastructure features such as pathways, bridges (lines) and parking lots (polygons). I currently have a Survey123 template and feature layer for points and would like to extend the complex form-centric functionality (nested repeats) to the collection of lines and polygons.


Current workflow:

  1. In Survey123, start the survey by capturing the survey attributes e.g. “protected_area_id”, “observerID”, etc. (Parent table to child-feature layers)
  2. Ask user to identify the feature they want to collect by geometry type: “point”, “line” or “polygon” (‘feature collection’ repeat under ‘Survey”)
  3. If “point”, the user collects attributes and attachments (through a series of cascading selects), before being finally presented with a geopoint field to record the point location.


Not yet implemented (but desired):

  1.    If “line” (or “polygon”) is selected, the user captures tabular attributes just as they do with a point feature, but upon  being asked to record the spatial information:
  2. Launch Collector to open and digitize the line (or polygon) feature layer passing a survey GlobalID so that the feature collection can be associated with the survey by a join
  3. After digitizing the feature, return to the Survey123 form to collect more features.


  1. Is my planned approach reasonable? The usual approach is to launch Survey123 from Collector but I need to capture survey attributes that would be common to each feature and not require the user to enter the same data repeatedly.
  2. Is the desired functionality as outlined in #2 possible?
  3. If yes, can someone provide references or guidance as to next steps?
  4. Will the functionality of #2 work offline?


Any comments and guidance will be hugely appreciated! Thank you in advance.



***UPDATE*** I've implemented the collection of multiple vertices for lines and polygons, and will be submitting an ESRI support request regarding the Collector integration with Survey123. If you're interested in the follow up and would like me to report back what I've learned, please let me know.