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Video does not appear in Story Map Tour Side Panel Template

Question asked by deleted-user-eeWoSWgHi6_- on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by deleted-user-eeWoSWgHi6_-

I have successfully added a video to a Story Map Tour using the Side Panel template.  However, I am not able to get the video to show up on the mobile version of the Map Tour.  Instead, a large version of one of the other pictures used for another point will show up.  It is usually the picture from the previous point but not always.  The title and the caption will appear for the point that should have the video but not video or link to the video.  The desktop version looks as intended with the youtube video embedded in the right panel.  


I have tried adding the point through the story map editor and by uploading a CSV with all other points.  In the CSV, I have tried adding the link in the "is_video" column and the "pic_url" column with the #isVideo url qualifier.  


Has anyone else run into this issue?  Do videos not work in the mobile version of the side panel template?  


If anyone has any suggestions on something to try out, I would really appreciate it.  The side panel template looks nice on a phone and would love to be able to use it.  


Thanks so much!