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Will Set Flow Direction be included in 2.3?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Oct 21, 2018

In Arc Map, when working with NHD Flowline data, where we often make local edits to support, for example, NEPA compliance activities (will run off from this parking lot affect a Water of the US?), the general workflow is the delete the network, make the edit, rebuild the network, then Setting the flow direction—Help | ArcGIS Desktop


I do this so often I've automated it with Python: 


arcpy.DeleteField_management(GDB+"/Hydrography/NHD_FlowLine", "Enabled")
arcpy.AddField_management(GDB+"/Hydrography/NHD_FlowLine", "Enabled", "SHORT","","","","", "NULLABLE","","EnabledDomain" )
arcpy.CreateGeometricNetwork_management(GDB+"/Hydrography","Hydro_Net", "NHD_FlowLine SIMPLE_EDGE NO","","","","", "PRESERVE_ENABLED")
Hydro_Net = GDB+"\\Hydrography\\Hydro_Net"
arcpy.SetFlowDirection_management(Hydro_Net, "WITH_DIGITIZED_DIRECTION")


I see at Tools that are not available in ArcGIS Pro—Appendices | ArcGIS Desktop  that not only is this tool not available, but in order to use its equivalent in Pro, I have to install ArcGIS GIS Server capabilities and extensions—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise, which requires servers, feature services, branch versioning, a Portal (Utility network vocabulary—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop )


I can't believe that is actually the case, ESRI clearly has made a typo, and that this oversight will be corrected with the next release of Pro?


How many Hydrologists are going to be managing Enterprise GIS installs? 


It appears that many others have brought up this concern...When is support for Geometric Networks coming in ArcGIS Pro? ...What is the alternative for Geometric Network in ArcGIS Pro? Specifically "... I’d like to deal with water courses (river kilometers, segments and events based on measurement values on polyline, some topology for connectivity, upstream & downstream selection). I’d like to work on a local machine, in File Geodatabase. "