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How do I convert a 2D map to 3D?

Question asked by laolai on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by pyurkosky-esristaff

I was trying to convert a 2D map to 3D using the following code:


public Task<bool> Create3DView()
return QueuedTask.Run(async () =>
if (MapView.Active == null) return false;

Map pMap = MapFactory.Instance.CopyMap(MapView.Active.Map);

CIMMap pMapDef = pMap.GetDefinition();
pMapDef.MapType = MapType.Scene;

var pLayers = pMap.GetLayersAsFlattenedList().OfType<FeatureLayer>();
foreach (var pLayer in pLayers)
var lyrDefn = pLayer.GetDefinition() as CIMBasicFeatureLayer;
//setting this property moves the layer to 3D group in a scene
lyrDefn.IsFlattened = false;
//Set the definition back to the layer

pMap.SetName("3D Map");
await ArcGIS.Desktop.Core.ProApp.Panes.CreateMapPaneAsync(pMap, MapViewingMode.SceneLocal, null);

return true;


But I kept getting the following error:

"A 2D map cannot be opened as a 3D map. Convert the map first and then open."


I have set the map type to MapType.Scene.


Any ideas?