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How Can I merge polylines by location and atribute?

Question asked by jmonrealnunez on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by fallingdog
Good Morning
I have a layer of many electric lines.
Each electric line is formed by many polylines that overlap. The problem is that each electric line is not continuous, it has separate sections in space (where there are no polylines) which I will call sections.
I would like to join the polylines of each section of each electric line. That is, if an electric line is composed of three separate sections in space, and that each section is formed by many polylines that overlap, obtain three final polylines after the process.The problem is that I have not identified each section (common code). If I had it I would dissolve it by section code and electric line.
Somebody thinks of how he could do it in ArcGIS 10.3?
Thank you