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UpdateCursor and aliases

Question asked by cynthiak on Oct 18, 2018
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I am writing a Python script that will run automatically every night during the election period.  It will take a .csv file from a folder and updates the data in a precinct feature layer that is read in an Operations Dashboard.  Right now, the precinct layer is built with Name and an Alias.  The Alias spells out the candidate/contest name with spaces.  When I run my python script, it bails at.......for uRow in uCursor:  uCursor.updateRow(row)......with an 'invalid sql statement' error.  I went in an removed all spaces from the alias, and the script runs fine.  Do I need to go back and change the alias in all the fields or is there a workaround to get the UpdateCursor to run?  The alias works well with Operations Dashboard in that it then labels the bar chart with the correct name automatically.  Any ideas?