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Definition Expression Geometry

Question asked by shawnroberts on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by shawnroberts

I apologize if this is a fairly simple question, I'm still learning the JS API. 


I have a feature class that I am dynamically setting altering the definition expression based on user input in a form. Ex by type of building, or size of building. I have also set it up so the user can create a temporary graphics layer to circle an area on the map, from there I would like to include that graphics layer geometry into the definition expression. Where I am struggling is how to pass that temporary geometry into the definition expression. 

I have a function that builds the def'n expression based on the inputs and I assume in there I would need to format it to add in the temp geometry I'm just not sure how that should look.



Any advice on how best to format a definition expression to take in a geometry would be greatly appreciated.