Please “adopt a girl” for $20 (STEM CONFERENCE)

Discussion created by mspangrud-esristaff Employee on Oct 17, 2018

Please “adopt a girl” for $20!!

(American Association of University Women) is a national organization that focuses on sending young women who (for whatever reason) had to take a break from a college education, back on track to get their education. It also works hard on encouraging young girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields.

To achieve the latter, one of the main events conducted by the local chapter is a STEM CONFERENCE (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) conference where all girls from the Redlands, Highland, and Yucaipa CA middle schools (8th graders) are invited to meet with invited professional women in various STEM fields for a one day conference in February/March every year.

It costs $20 for each girl to attend this conference
at University of Redlands, meet at least 3-4 professional women and listen to their presentation/ask questions, have a healthy lunch and then be bused back to their respective schools.

More than 700 8th grade girls need your funding support to make the STEM Conference a reality. You are invited to Adopt-a-Girl by covering the cost for her to attend the conference. Adopt one or adopt many! Together we can ensure that girls in RUSD and YCUSD are well informed and motivated as they enter High School and begin to plan for their future college and workplace careers.


You can mail your checks to:
AAUW Redlands STEM
PO Box 11883
Redlands, CA 92423