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arcpy command  for "Select by location" tool ?

Question asked by FCoud@2018 on Oct 17, 2018
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I have the following data :

- a raster catalog

- a feature class composed of several polygons.


I want to get the polygons (the ENTIRE polygon) which contain the raster catalog or part of it.


I checked some tools in ArcMap, and I observed that the "Select by location" tool works perfectly (not the tool Select Layer by location). The result is a selection of only the polygons (from the feature class layer) that contain the raster catalog. But I can't find anything about an arcpy command...

I found the "SelectLayerByLocation_management" (Select Layer by location tool) but the resulting selection is empty, so it doesn't do the job.


Does anyone have information regarding the "Select by location" tool adptation to arcpy ?

I have to use a tool that can handle raster catalog.