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Handling curves in the Parcel Fabric

Question asked by CHLOEJACK on Oct 16, 2018

Hi Geonet - does anyone have some best practices for dealing with curves in the Parcel Fabric? We were originally attracted to the Fabric in part because it represents true curves, but because curves don't necessarily participate in the joining process they are causing gaps and overlaps (see Capture).


We've cobbled together some workflows for dealing with these- using Construct From Parent to redraw a shared boundary between multiple parcels, and drawing a "dummy" parcel and using Parcel Remainder and Merge to fill the gap. Both of these are just work-arounds; they require editors to rename each affected parcel, and unnecessarily add historic parcels (though this may be avoidable in versions later than 10.3).


It just seems like an oversight to not be able to ensure connections between curved parcels. Are there tools for joining with curves or filling gaps in the works, or in later versions?