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AGOL features wrong symbol/not displaying

Question asked by miguelf88 on Oct 16, 2018
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Good morning all,


I have a web app that I have published that displays daily average boardings at different bus stops. I have displayed them using graduated symbols and manually set the class breaks. When I am in ArcGIS Pro, the symbols are the correct size and appear on the map (see attached APC_3.png and APC_6.png). However, when I published to AGOL one of the stops is displayed with the wrong symbol (see attached APC_1.png and APC_2.png) and another stop is not displayed at all (see APC_4.png and APC_5.png). This is a task I do every quarter and the data in the map does not change so I use the Publish Web Map tool instead of publishing the individual layers. After noticing the errors, I went back and published the stop layer by itself and I am still seeing the errors. Any insight on how to correct these problems would be appreciated.