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Clarifications on Enterprise database: dataset permissions and owner vs admnistrator

Question asked by valraa on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by valraa

Coming from a File GDB world, I am having difficulties understanding how Enterprsie (Workgroup in my case, with SQL Express) GDB permissions work. Specifically, this is what confuses me:

  • I have two users ("A" and "B"), which connect to my SQL EXPRESS instance with Windows auth
  • "A" is the SQL Server administrator
  • "A" creates a new geodatabase (named "test") and assigns "B" read/write premissions (with the ArcCatalog tools)
  • "B" creates a new feature dataset (named"test_FD") in this GDB and it gets the name "test."A".test_FD"
  • "A" from the Catalog window cannot see this feature dataset


So, a few questions:

  1. why can't "A" see the FD created by B? I thought A, being the SQL Server admin (and therefore, the GDB admin by inheritance) would have control over anything.
  2. why can "A" create a new FD with the same name "test_FD"? I know the two FD come from different users, but still this is surprising to my eyes.
  3. Is there a way to assign a user provileges to create new datasets leaving the control on these same datasets to the admin/s only?
  4. In the official documentation it reads:

Privileges on datasets in geodatabases should be granted or revoked using ArcGIS clients and must be done by the dataset owner.

   , so I guess the admin in this case won't have control over these user created datasets, is it correct?


I have just a simple setup with only the DEFAULT version.