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Specifying a line length in Pro

Question asked by on Oct 16, 2018
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Howdy!  I am trying to add simple line features, of specified lengths, to a map in Pro.  I use the Create Features....Line tool.  I click to place the starting vertex of the line.  I then move off slightly and right click and choose the Direction and Distance tool.  I enter a distance in feet, and a new vertex is added.  However, the Shape_Length attribute shows a different length.  For example, I create a line and enter the distance of 85 feet, the line is drawn but the Shape_Length field shows a value of 65.5....  When I use the measure tool, it to returns a distance of 65.5 feet.  I started this project using the Public Parking solution.  The map frame and solution feature services are in WGS 1984 Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere.  I have added other feature classes related to parking, parcels, city boundary, etc., some having either stateplane or  GCS WGS 1984 spatial references.  All register nicely as expected.  I suspect I am having a disagreement between spatial references.  I created a new feature line class in Web Mercator and created a line using 85 feet as the distance.  The Shape_Length returns the length in meters, 25.908007 which equals 85 feet.  I was hoping I could stay with stateplane, but it appears for accurate distances I need to be in the web mercator space.  Am I correct or clueless?