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Line of Sight (3D Analyst Tool) Does Not Produce Desired Output

Question asked by DylanJSteffen on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by johncarter2679

I am performing visibility analysis with a TIN surface, one observer point, and several target points in ArcMap using 3D Analyst.

I am trying to draw several lines of sight at the same time, and the Line of Sight Tool in 3D Analyst allows me to get several lines of sight at the same time (showing what parts of the line are obstructed and unobstructed by the surface; first attached image).  However, the lines of sight produced are actually overlapping green and red line segments, so when I make a profile graph for the multiple lines of sight, the lines are solid green or solid red (second attached image) rather than being a mix of the two colors as they should be.  

When using the Line of Sight Interactive Tool on the 3D Analyst Toolbar, you can only draw one line of sight at a time, and it is much less consistent because I have to place each point by hand rather than using point layers, and the profile graphs for those lines of sight are correct (third attached image).

My question, then, is why do these two seemingly identical tools function so differently?  And is there any way to create several lines of sight at the same time that will give me the proper profile graph I am looking for?

Thanks for any help you might have!