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Get envelope having certain dimensions containing a buffered, centered polygon

Question asked by jcraw62 on Oct 12, 2018

From a Java web app, presumably using ArcGIS Rest services, I need to determine the envelope to use in an ExportWebMapTask.

The envelope will have coordinates based on a known map image output dimensions (which will be specified in ExportWebMapTaskexportOptions.outputSize) - in the case of the attached example the image size is 850x927.

The envelope should enclose a polygon with the specified minimum buffer size (buffer on either side of the polygon for the side of the envelope with the longest edge) - in the example the minimum buffer size is 200.

I don't think it will be relevant to the solution but the polygon feature layer and other operational layers and the basemap all use different spatial references.

How do I get the envelope for the buffered, centered polygon?example polygon to be buffered, centered