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Dynamic Legends in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by krovang on Oct 11, 2018

Legends in ArcGIS Pro need the Map Extent Options from ArcMap 

This might be in conjunction with this previous post (above), but I believe I posted in the wrong place. Sorry friends, new to the community ... 


I have created a map series with multiple pages in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.12. Each page is governed by a single polygon designated in the index. The index includes smaller polygons that make up the region. The map series pages highlight different areas of the region. When I pan through the pages, the extents of the main data frame update as do the extent indicators in the inset map data frames linked to the main data frame. Also the dynamic text in the layout accessing the attributes of the index polygons are working properly. The only issue I am having is with the dynamic legend. It refers to one elevation raster that is listed in the TOC. I am wanting the dynamic legend to update with the correct range of elevation as the view changes with each map series page. I have set the "Feature Display Options" setting below in the "Legend Item" settings, but it is still not updating with the customized range per the map page extent.

Has anyone else come across this or is this not available in ArcGIS Pro yet?


Also, something else goofy, I am not able to see the "Feature Display Options" option when I delete everything except one item out of the legend (see below). Kind of goofy, possible something else I'm not seeing controlling the setting from showing up?


So in conclusion the 2 issues:

Unable to get dynamic legend to update with correct range for the correct extent of the elevation raster it is referencing

Is there something else I am missing about the legend causing that option to not show up in the settings? 


Thanks in advance!