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How to load a RasterLayer with a jpg that has a world file?

Question asked by kirkKuykendall on Oct 11, 2018

When I load a jpeg file with v100.3, it doesn't seem to be honoring the world (.jgw) file.


I created the jpeg by exporting from arcmap.  Both Pro and arcmap can load the layer as expected.


However, when I 

var rLayer = new RasterLayer("myfile.jpg");

and rLayer.LoadAsync(), 

rLayer.FullExtent.SpatialReference is null after loading.

rLayer.FullExtent.width is based on pixels, not world coordinates.

I would try to read the world file myself and assign it an extent, but don't see a setter for fullextent.

I would like a setter (like that of arcobjects ILayer.Spatialreference).