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Using Survey123 @geopoint to automatically fill a text survey field

Question asked by ben_vk on Oct 11, 2018
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Hey All, 


I have successfully implemented this line to pull data from the geopoint 'point_location' field, and insert JSON code into a second Survey123 Field:



An example of data returned is:

      "Match_addr":"517 Logan Rd, North Albury, New South Wales, 2640",
      "LongLabel":"517 Logan Rd, North Albury, New South Wales, 2640, AUS",
      "ShortLabel":"517 Logan Rd",
      "Address":"517 Logan Rd",
      "Neighborhood":"North Albury",
      "Region":"New South Wales",


This is fantastic, as the data is correct. I am now wondering how do I ask the survey to only return the match_addr attribute into this column, and in another column I want to store the X and Y values.


I unsuccessfully tried this in the calculation field of my survey:



I know im doing it wrong, but unsure how to fix it. I have found this site, the very bottom two paragraphs give me a hint, but I need an example to help me.


Any ideas?