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Update records using values in other rows.

Question asked by gispuke on Oct 11, 2018
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I need to updated a field in the entire table.  Going through the table there will be records in groups (4, 6, or 8 - can be an argument provided to the script perhaps) A table will be all groups of 4, all groups of 6, or all groups of 8.


for example:  Records with values such as:  
234             12N5W        12
245             12N5W        12
312             12N5W        12

411             12N5W        12
I need to update another NAME field like so:   

234             12N5W        12      12N5W_12_1
245             12N5W        12      12N5W_12_2
312             12N5W        12      12N5W_12_3

411             12N5W        12      12N5W_12_4



How do I accomplish this?  I started in the field calculator but realized it processes one record at a time, so the code resets each time.  So counters don't help.


NOTE:  No, the RECNO field can't be used.  That's a useless value that I can't depend on to be correct.