Merging Multiple rasters between two state borders

Discussion created by kb12180 on Oct 11, 2018

Hello there! I am trying to merge multiple rasters from various projects together. One half is from one state and I had to reproject them to match the home state where I am working. The biggest issue I am having is the DEM's (attachment 1). I have six different DEM's I am trying to merge, I have both clipped along the state border for no overlap, and a set where they overlap. No matter how many times I run the "Mosaic to New Raster"  tool, under multiple pixel types (32 Bit Unsigned, float or 8 bit unsigned or signed) the tool gives me this output or just white space (attachment 2). 


Meanwhile, merging the hillshades works with no issues at all, but the DEM's have been extremely frustrating


Any and all help with this is greatly appreciated! 


Thank you!