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Where is AlgorithmicColorRamp in iOS 100.x ???

Question asked by Pimplebutt on Oct 11, 2018

This class existed in all previous versions and languages of ESRI's SDKs, yet it is non-existent in 100.3


Here's a sampling of what I mean...


AGSAlgorithmicColorRamp - iOS 10.2.5


AlgorithmicColorRamp - Javascript


AlgorithmicColorRamp - Java


One could generate a ramp using the [FromColor] and [ToColor] methods.  Not only has this disappeared in 100.0, 100.1, 100.2, 100.3, there isn't a single mention of it in any release notes, migration notes, deprecated lists, etc.

It's like it just disappeared without a trace.   The ONLY color ramp that exists anymore in 100.x is for elevation renderers, and it has no [FromColor] and [ToColor] methods.


Why has this been removed, and what is supposed to replace it?