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Topology in a Versioned GDB

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Oct 11, 2018
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For the past few weeks I've been in knock down, drag 'em out, ****** knuckles fist fight with a versioned geodatabase and a topology there in (see Export Topology Errors and Versioning , Reconcile & Post hangs , Topology Validation versus Fixing the Actual Error(s) , Permissions to Validate Topology ...)


The latest skirmish is about to start: I'd like to try an validate the topology using a stand-alone arcpy script, and have a question about that approach.


Topology and versioned geodatabases—Help | ArcGIS Desktop , explains the method to create a topology in a versioned gdb: basically, create a feature dataset, add your feature classes, create your topology and the register the feature dataset as versioned.


Validate Topology—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  explains how to use the ValidateToplogy_managment() method and states:


If you validate an enterprise topology in ArcCatalog, the feature dataset that the topology is within be registered as versioned.


I take this to mean if I were to run the Validate Topology gp tool from an ArcCatalog session, I first need to unregister the feature dataset as versioned.  


Bottom line:  If I run ValidateToplogy_managment() as part of a standalone script, do I need to unregister the feature dataset as versioned prior to validation?