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VRP - U turns

Question asked by kkla93 on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by HMoe-esristaff

I am using VRP to route trash trucks to houses and I am trying to eliminate U turns except at dead ends. When I initially ran the analysis, it followed the no U turn rule correctly, but now it's randomly turning just before intersections and mid-block. I'm using the same network dataset, so I would have thought that it would have encountered any issues in the first run.


More information:

The first time through, I ran 4 routes to ~600 locations (I combined pick up points to stay within the limits of the VRP). I used seed points to make sure that each route maintained a general geographic area. Once I was able to get 4 routes that I was happy with geographically, I found that some of the routing decisions made within the route were odd. It obeyed the "no U-turns except at dead ends" rule perfectly.


I then chose to extract all the addresses identified in the previous run through for each route (just over 700 points) and ran a new VRP with just one route in hopes that I could eliminate some of the oddities I found in the original routing. The route found includes U turns at various points that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Many of them actually take place mid network segment - attached is a snapshot showing this.


Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated!