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Error publishing DataReviewer for Server

Question asked by rutkowskima on Oct 10, 2018

I'm having trouble getting the ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server configured. I'm following the directions (Publishing ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server Services—Data Reviewer for Server | ArcGIS Enterprise), and I run into a snag when installing the first service definitions file ( )

I get the following error:

data reviewer ERROR 001369: Failed to create the service. Failed to execute (Publish Service Definition). Failed.


There are also one thing I don't understand from the guidance:

1. Install ArcGIS Server and authorize your software using the authorization wizard. During authorization, verify that you have an entry for datareviewersvr included in the list of authorized features.

- I'm installing on a development server and using an ArcGIS for Developers (old EDN) license... does this not include the DataReviewer for server license?


Looking online, it says the 001369 error I'm getting is the result of permissions in the staging folder. I have no problem publishing other map services, so I can't imagine permissions in the staging folder being an issue unless. there's something I'm missing with publishing an sd file.