Quadrat Analysis in ArcGIS / ArcInfo

Discussion created by dsharp3 on Feb 15, 2011
I'm looking for a way to do the statistical calculations for a Quadrat analysis in ArcGIS 10.  (I have an ArcInfo license with Geotstatistical Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions.)

I have looked in the various toolsets but haven't found anything.  I've created my grid and done a spatial join of my dataset of points to the grid cells, so I've got my cell counts but don't see a simple way to go beyond this point within ArcGIS. 

I looked at Andy Mitchell's Vol 2: Spatial Measurements & Statistics and he indicates that ArcVIew has this capability, but I don't see it in ArcGIS Desktop.  I can offload the data to STATA and work through it there, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary work.

Any suggestions of how I might do this within ArcGIS Desktop? 

Doug Sharp