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Portal Item ID relationship  with ArcGIS Service.

Question asked by iamlaksh3 on Oct 10, 2018
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My question is regarding relationship between Portal item vs ArcGIS server service. Let me explain the question and followed by rationale. In ArcGIS 10.6 version (single machine - federated environment - Portal, server, DS, webadaptor). I am publishing a service with multiple layers with feature service enabled. In arcgis rest end point I see both Map server and feature server. The map service has 5 individual layers. In arcgis/admin/services - I could see two portal item IDs ; one for Map server and one of Feature server.  I see two portal items (map image layer and feature layer). This is good.


Now one of the portal user is creating a feature layer in portal using first layer of my map service. The portal item is created successfully with service url as below . 


Question - How does this portal item is related to underlying map service?. 


Rationale : I have recently upgraded my arcgis enterprise from 10.4 to 10.6. I could see many of items ID are mismatching. I ran a script to compare Item ID from arcgis server to portal and fixing those manually. But these individual feature layer which pointed to layer in map service is challenging. Need more clarity on this.