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Control/Changing individual lanes directions

Question asked by heathta64283 on Oct 10, 2018

Hi CityEngine Team,


I was wondering if there is a way to have control or change lanes in the streets for specific directions (Refer to Picture 1 - in the attached). I used the complete tutorial to make the complete street that I am looking for but again my group wants me to change the direction in the complete street for their needs. And I don't know how since I have been using CityEngine for a total of 30hours. My guess is it must be in the python code or another rule or package that I would have to implement. If there is some sort of direction please let me know and I have provided an image the the use of paint of what exactly I wanted to change for.


Additionally, I would like to know how and if it possible to have all lanes show left turn signal rather than only 2 lanes (Refer to Picture 2 - in the attached). This is because in the model I plan to move the one-way street to make a left turn (although it is unrealistic, but my team wants to see this in our project) and I would like all incoming cars to beware that this is occurring.



Many thanks,