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Editing existing records for a new question added to survey

Question asked by JevaughnHenry on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by JevaughnHenry

I'm trying to add a new hidden question to an existing survey using Survey123 Connect. I have an if statement in the calculation attribute of the new question:

if(${PaD_PC}<100, 'Planning and Design', if(${Proc_PC}<100, 'Procurement', if(${Imp_PC}<100, 'Implementation', 'Project Closure')))

The if statement works on new entries into the survey, however, when I try to edit the existing records in the Map Viewer on the Survey123 Website to display the required answer for the new question, the answer disappears and the edit is not allowed. 

What could be causing this problem? Or how could the if statement from the new question be run on all the existing records?