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Esri CSW Extension

Question asked by KieronFlynn on Oct 10, 2018

Hello experts!,


I am trying to use the ESRI CS-W extension (v10.3.1 of the arcmap desktop) against a known CS-W endpoint that works (I am hosting it locally, and can interrogate it via Postman).


I cannot claim to be all that knowledgeable about TLS/SSL etc, and it's the first time I have tried to use the Esri CS-W extension, so go easy on me.... ;o)


I have installed the demo certificate for the system I am trying to access as shown in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)



I then run the extension and select the certificate


It then asks for the Username and Password


Then it falls over:


I have set a breakpoint on the target CSW Endpoint, Postman hits it but ArcMap via the CS-W extension does not.


I noticed that the extension seems to be using TlsV1


TlsV1 is enabled on the target system so that shouldn't be the problem. Does this CS-W extension produce any logs that I can follow? As it is not hitting the CS-W endpoint at all via the extension then presumably it is some kind of certificate issue.


Has anybody out there used the Esri CS-W extension over https? Anything obvious that I am doing wrong here?