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Copy a Web Application and keep the copy and original in the same folder 

Question asked by H.Bouckaert_westernpower on Oct 9, 2018



In ArcGIS Online I would like to create one web application and then copy it several times. The purpose is to have a standard interface and number of widgets, but with each web application sourcing a different web map. I have to do some reconfiguration of some of the widgets to account for different layers but this is nothing compared to each time reconfiguring the web app from scratch from a standard template. 


I have done a copy with ArcGIS Online Assistant, and it works up to a point i.e. I can copy the web application and rename it. However when I want to add it to the same folder as the one I copied it from it says that the item already exists. This is strange as the name as well as the item ID are different. So I can only use the copied web application if I keep it in a different AGOL folder.


Is there any way make such a copy differently, i.e. programatically. And is there any way around the problem that you cannot keep the copy in the same folder as the original?