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Joining 2 tables between 2 databases works perfect but when tables are in the same database join is awfully slow

Question asked by jelena.cvetinovicgdi-net-esridist Employee on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by JFarmer-esristaff

Hello everyone.


I have a problem with joining two tables because performance is awfully slow. Here is my problem in detail:

I have 2 tables, table A and table B in the same sde geodatabase. When I join table A with table B performance is slow. Join is done using indexed fields (GlobalID in table A and GUID field in table B).

During testing I have backup my database and restored it on the another server (RDMBS in both cases is SQL, same version on both servers). Then I performed same join and result is the same as in original database.

Then I performed join using table A from the original database (server 1) and the table B from restored database (server 2) and everything works perfect. Same is if I create join using table A from server 2 and table B from server 1.

When my tables are in two different databases on different servers join is perfect, but when tables are in the same database join is awfully slow.


Does anybody have any experience with this?


Geodatabase version is 10.3.1, SQL Server is 2012

Also, I have to mention that everything was working fine for more than year and now all of the sudden it is not working.