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ArcGIS Earth taking over KML/KMZ file associations

Question asked by csadams0 on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by csadams0

Why is ArcGIS Earth forcing itself to be the default KML & KMZ document software, when I have explicitly asked Windows to open such files with different software?   After installing ArcGIS Earth (v1.6.1), it unexpectedly took over all files with kml and .kmz extensions on my Windows 10 machine, making itself the default software/editor associated with those files. It never asked for permission to change my file associations, and I didn't see any relevant options in the installer or settings dialog. I have since used the operating system settings to reset it to my preferred KML software, and within a few hours ArcGIS Earth always grabs the setting back. I tried to reset it several times, and always the same result... ArcGIS Earth forces itself to be the default KML/KMZ software.  Very frustrating.  Is anyone else seeing this?  Has anyone found a way to turn off this behavior?