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Digital Shoreline Analysis System - Error

Question asked by Shamsa on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by katy.ames

Hello  I am working with digital Shoreline Analysis System software developed by usgs for coastal zone analysis. When I try to generate the statistics, I get the following error message: Shoreline layer "all-coastlines" has some record (s) that do not have a valid date specified in date field "date_".  - I check: the date setting of my Date_ filed (MM/DD/YYYY), the dates are in this same format in my "all-coasltines" file too. - I tried to remove the "0" before the figure of the month (4/03/1989 instead of 04/03/1989) but no success.- The field "date_" is in text format, with 10 characters. I also tried different options with 22 length by adding times but no success. 


Has anyone come across this problem?