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How to Show Directions on the Map with Javascript API?

Question asked by jenniferhackupstate on Oct 7, 2018

I am trying to show the directions of a user inputted route in the top right hand corner of the map with Javascript API, but the directions UI View is not showing on the map.


In the app, the user will click on points on the map and then the Route Parameters function should help show the most optimal route. Then, I want the app to show the directions of the most optimal route. I do not want to use the Directions Widget because it seems that the user has to input points and then Directions Widget would not be able to provide them with the most optimal route, just the route based on the sequential order of the locations.


I want to be able to use a function like at the bottom of: Get a route and directions | ArcGIS for Developers, but the UI does not seem to show.