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Why are my line layers (not scale-dependent) not displaying at larger scales?

Question asked by welchparker on Oct 8, 2018
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I have several line layers that are part of their own respective feature services.

At larger scales ('Buildings' scale and larger) the lines do not render.

All of the points and polygons in those same services draw correctly at all scales.

This behavior was not seen until recently. Before that, everything behaved as expected.

I have not altered the service in any way to create this behavior. No update, no overwrite, no other changes to the schema.

I have tried adding the feature service to an otherwise empty map, but am still seeing this behavior.

This behavior is consistent across all browsers.



In looking around and consulting my own experience, I have already crossed a few things off the list of possible offenders:


1. Scale-dependent rendering - there are no scale dependencies on the feature layer as confirmed by the visualization tab, nor are there scale dependencies on the layer in the webmap itself, as confirmed by checking 'Set Visibility Range' and seeing it displaying from 'World' all the way down to 'Room'.


2. AGOL having issues displaying 'too many features' -That doesn't seem to be the cuplrit, as I am not getting the orange icon in the lower left.



My questions are as follows:

Are there any reasons beyond the previously listed that a line layer would not draw at larger scales?

Are there other actions that I may have undertaken unknowingly that could have affected the rendering of these services?