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Survey123 Collaborate Tab Error

Question asked by jjhellman6 on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Joerodney


I am trying to allow users to view the data they submitted using the Survey123  Data tab, however, in the Collaborate tab  I get the error below when trying to change the Viewer settings to the same as the Submitter settings.  Submitter settings will save successfully, but Viewer page settings will not.


I have deleted the _Stakeholder layer from my ArcGIS  folder and then tried to update the settings, but get I this same error.  I have also tried moving my feature layer that I am referencing to the same folder as the survey.  I have checked the sharing on everything and just can't figure out what is causing this error.


Any help would be appreciated. I have included my .xls form for reference.  This is a feature service published on our own GIS server.  I used Survey123 Connect to create this survey.