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Double tracing on a closed contour with elevation value gap

Question asked by niktzel on Oct 5, 2018

Good evening, here's a question about the Vectorization Trace tool in ArcScan. Trying to trace from an image which shows only closed contours with elevation values written inside the lines. I start to trace at a random point of a closed contour (not an end) and then it reaches until the gap where that the elevation value is written. I digitize manually through the gap with the written value and then I return back to tracing. What happens there is very strange: tracing arrives at the initial beginning and it continues again over the part of the contour already traced, until it reaches again at the gap! So finally, the contour is double-traced and saved! I wonder, is that an expected behavior of the tool?

I tried to trace a closed contour with no gap (no elevation value written) and tracing stops when it reaches at the initial beginning. So, seems like that the manual part of digitization at the gap, makes tracing to "forget' where it began..