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Not-working CalloutDefinition button when using touch screen

Question asked by piotrek.gaszewski on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by sky_watch

Hi Experts.
We have a problem with using ArcGIS Runtime API for WPF when users uses touch screens to interact with the application.

We have the custom popup control on the MapView feature layer. We use CalloutDefinition class to set it up. The popup contains button which run some business logic when clicked.


Everything works well when users are using mouse to interact with application. However when they using touch-screens and perform "click" with their fingers - the OnButt event is not raised and "ExecuteSomeBusinessLogic" method is not executed (from the user perspective button finger-touched image presented on the screen looks like it was in the "selected" state, not the "clicked" one).


Sample code we're using to set-up CalloutDefinition control:


RuntimeImage img = new RuntimeImage(new Uri("pack://application:,,/Images/add.png"));
calloutDefinition.ButtonImage = img;
calloutDefinition.OnButt += ExecuteSomeBusinessLogic;


Any ideas what may cause this problem? Solution or workarounds to solve it?