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Unable to update defintion of feature service layer on AGS REST

Question asked by zititi on Oct 4, 2018

I'm trying to update a feature service layer definition. But when i connect to ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory using the admin password I cannot see the feature server. I can only see the correspondent mapserver with the edit capabilitie enabled. If I connect to consume, I can see both, the mapserver and feature server. I also tried to generate a SD file and unzip it, to change direct in the JSON file, but i can only see the file with the service definitions.


I want to do that to change the order display of the simbology to use with EDIT Widget on Flex Viewer, is not the same as the MXD. Any idea about how to do that. I saw similar posts on the community but cannot find anyone with a solution.


Thanks in advance for all help. I'm using ArcGIS For Server 10.2.2

My feature service url is like https://<myserver-name>/ags/rest/services/LAYERFOLDER/LAYERNAME/FeatureServer/0

If add "admin" to URL I got the following error message:


  Could not find resource or operation 'rest' on the system.