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Buffering a Polygon to include ALL inside space

Question asked by Cursus on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

Platform: ArcGIS 10.51


Hi,  Can I ask if anyone has a solution which is best practice for creating a buffer on a polygon shape.  To reduce the impact of edge or boundary effect, I have always buffered my AOI (area of interest) to ensure products cover my AOI.  In past I have used the Buffer Wizard which has an option for 'outside polygon(s) and include inside' which works well, but is an old tool and hard for my students to find as novice users.  The current Buffer option has no provision for including inside area.  The Graphic Buffer will do it but has a big warning:

@Graphic Buffer (Analysis)


The output of this tool is intended for cartographic display only. It is not intended for use in further analysis. Doing so will result in incorrect results.


So what is best practice to get a buffer around a polygon which will include all inside area and still be able to use it in further analysis?

Any and all comments appreciated.