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AccessDatabaseEngine problem

Question asked by moatazmahrous on Oct 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by mvolz47

I was using ArcGIS 10.6 & Office 2016 on Windows 10 x64.


When changed my laptop hard-drive; installed a fresh windows 10 x64.. Office 2016 x64.. But downgraded to ArcGIS 10.3 (temporary licensing reasons).. I am failing to open/create any .mdb (Microsoft access database), though they are accessible through other ArcGIS10.3 PCs. It would show me the following error :

Failed to connect to database. An underlying database error occurred. Not a valid file name.

I tried installing different versions of Access Database Engine (2007/2010/2016), but it does no good.


Thanks in advance for any help/