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Deleting ArcGIS Online item - does not exist or is inaccessible

Question asked by Missouri_EMGIS on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by rvca.czerwinski

I use a Python script that creates a new feature within my ArcGIS Online portal, that I later manually delete when I'm finished working with it.  Today my script was interrupted by a local network issue, but I found that at some point during the script execution, the new feature had been created.  When I clicked on the item details to see what it contained, I got the error "The item you requested cannot be found. The item may have been deleted or you may have entered an incorrect URL."

So I decided to simply delete this bad/empty feature from My Content, however when I try, I get the error "Item does not exist or is inaccessible."

I can still see the item in My Content, and the problem I'm running into now is that my original script cannot complete since there is already a feature carrying the name as defined in the script, which is a feature layer that several other of my applications depend on.  

I've tried several things, including writing a Python script to delete the bad feature, but nothing seems to work.  Is there a way to erase it from My Content?