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Basemap in webmap and tpk file

Question asked by mark.cooper_SDC on Oct 3, 2018

We have a map which is created on AGOL using layers from our enterpise geodatabase. In the webmap the basemaps is an Ordnance Survey Open data one, which only zooms into 1:2500, which is no good for collecting. We have side loaded some tpks of more detailed maps (to 1:250) onto the ipad and they display correctly.


However, the operational layer that we need to collect data for will not display once zoomed in past 1:2500 as that is the closed the web map can zoom in to.


If I replace the basemap in the web map to one of our more detailed ones from our ArcGIS Server, collector will not sync as it isn't a suitable basemap (it will not also not zoom in a AGOL webmaps seem to retain the zoom scales from the original basemap used but thats a separate issue!).


Any ideas how I can get my data to show at the required scales against the side loaded basemap? I dont even really need an actual basemap in the webmap as it will always use the offline one.


Many thanks in advance.