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Vertical Datum transformation (Error 999999)

Question asked by mdudek519 on Oct 2, 2018

We have been using TerraFlex recently to collect some GIS data in the field. We have also realized that TerraFlex gives us HOE for the Z values. I believe I have figured out how to get from the HOE value TerraFlex gives us to NAD83 ellipsoid height, however then when I go to do a vertical datum transformation from NAD83 to NAVD88 I keep getting these error messages:


Error 999999: Error executing function.

invalid extent for output coordinate system

The Project method cannot do a datum transformation.


When I put in my parameters I set the XY coordinate system to the same (NAD83) and change the Z coordinate system from NAD83 to NAVD88 and the transformation using the GEOID12B model come up, yet I still get this error.


What am I doing wrong?